‚ÄčKarate In Olympics

August 3, 2016

The IOC ( International Olympic Committee ) has approved Karate to be in the Olympic Games, beginning with the 2020 Games in Tokyo, Japan.

Summer Camp 2019

The date for 2019 Camp is to be announced shortly

Next Grading – March 16th 2019 in Chilliwack



  • Do I need a karate gi (uniform) to attend my first lesson?

    Although all participants wear a karate uniform (gi-pronounced – gee – as in geese) you can attend your first few lessons wearing regular sweat pants and T-shirt while you determine if you want to continue.
  • Is Gima-ha a full contact karate club?

    Our style is not a full-contact karate style and we emphasize good control during every technique. In some cases, there is slight contact when blocking an opponent’s punch or kick but in most cases, contact is not necessary.
  • Can I practice with my kids if we join as a family?

    Yes. We offer a family rate and encourage family members to train together if they can.
  • How old do children have to be to join?

    We ask the children be at least eight years old.
  • Is your club affiliated with Karate BC or other provincial organizations?

    Yes. Gima-ha is sanctioned by Karate BC and the National Karate Association.
  • How long does it take to obtain the level of black belt?

    Training in karate requires commitment and determination to achieve the various levels which start at white belt (9th kyu) and eventually leading to the level of first degree black belt (shodan) which is based on experience, time and ability. Many students have trained regularly for five years before receiving the rank of shodan.
  • If I join one dojo, can I also train at other dojos without paying additional fees?

    Yes, members can train at other dojos if they arrange with the club in advance. There is also an advanced class every Saturday which is open to all Gima-ha members.
  • Does my child need to enter competitions?

    Tournaments are not mandatory. Entry depends on the student’s ability and willingness to compete.
  • I have a green belt in another style and if I join Gima-ha, does your organization recognize a level from another style or club?

    The chief instructor will determine if a belt level can be recognized from another style. In Japan, it is quite customary to begin at the white belt level when changing styles. However, in some cases, a previous level can be recognized.