​Karate In Olympics

August 3, 2016

The IOC ( International Olympic Committee ) has approved Karate to be in the Olympic Games, beginning with the 2020 Games in Tokyo, Japan.

Summer Camp 2019

The date for 2019 Camp is to be announced shortly

Next Grading – March 16th 2019 in Chilliwack

White Rock Club


Class Schedule

The White Rock (hombu) dojo is headed by Chief Instructor, Shihan Takayuki Sameshima, a 8th dan black belt. Beginners and experienced students (age 8 and older), including their family members are invited to learn the traditional form of Shotokan Karate.

Junior Class Monday & Thursday 6:30PM – 7:45PM
Senior Class Monday & Thursday 6:30PM – 8:30PM
Advanced Level Saturday 10:00AM – 12:00PM

Please contact Nina Krack for registration information.

Contact Information:

Phone: 604-360-8826
Address: 1469 George Street, White Rock BC (Elks Hall)


Juniors 15 & Under Fees

  • Beginners level

    Yellow belt and below

  • Two Family Members

    Yellow belt and below

  • Advanced Level

    Green belt and above

  • Two Family Members

    Green belt and above (Fee includes advance Saturday class)


Adults 16 & Over Fees

  • Beginners level

    Yellow belt and below

  • Advanced Level

    Green belt and above

  • Family Rate - 3 or more members

    Green belt and above (Fee includes advance Saturday class)



The White Rock, Hombu Dojo,  is celebrating its 38 years in 2017!


Chief Instructor, Shihan Takayuki Sameshima,  – 8th  Dan, Hachi Dan (black belt), is the founder of the club and teaches both the beginner to advance classes, including the Saturday advanced training.  In addition to the regular karate class schedule, Shihan Sameshima is Master in weapons (Kobudo) and teaches every other Saturday.  Shihan Sameshima, is recognized as a world-class karate instructor and regularly visits Japan to keep abreast of developments and attend special seminars. He is the chief instructor for all of the Canadian Gima-ha Shotokan Karate Association.


Assistant Instructor Sensei Hardeep Gill –  5th Dan, Godan (black belt) started his Shotokan karate training in England in 1980. He also holds 2nd Dan, Nidan,(black belt) in  Kobudo (weapons). Sensei Gill is the President for our Canadian Gima-ha Shotokan Karate Association. He travels regularly to our international GSK Association events, including Japan, and ensures international relations are maintained as well consistency in any changes.


Assistant Instructor Sensei Yukio Ezaki  3rd Dan, Sandan (black belt) and Shihan Sameshima’s original student from when the club started.


The White Rock GSK dojo prides itself on the traditional form and teachings of Shotokan karate style. The classes are filled with many learning opportunities, a strong sense of community and consistent feedback with the goal to teach students well-grounded Shotokan karate skills and attitude. Grading’s (tests) for belt levels are conducted three times a year. The students will also receive invitations for special events and competitions.


Dojo Kun
The dojo kun serves as a set of five guiding principles, recited in a seiza (kneeling) position at the end of each training session and is intended to frame the practice with an ethical context.

– Seek perfection of character
– Be faithful
– Endeavor
– Respect others
– Refrain from violent behavior